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A general reaction to squirrels in the park includes comments on how adorable they are. Squirrels can be cute when in the correct environment which excludes your home where they can bring in outside elements and destroy the house you live in.

Why and how do squirrels enter your home?
Your home is a far better place than a tree to keep out of the elements and protected from any prey, so they see your house a safe haven to build their nests and store their food. They enter your home through a small hole that only needs to be a few inches wide (enough to fit their heads; their bodies will follow), which is usually near an opening in your attic/roof that is near a tree for easy access.

How do they destroy homes?
These critters create nests in your attic and use elements from outside mixed with whatever they can use from your home including your insulation or any wood they can nibble off. If they get ahold of wires, they can gnaw through them, creating a fire hazard. Furthermore, their feces and urine can create a horrific smell.

How do I know if there are squirrels in my home?
Check your attic for droppings, usually half the size of a paper clip. Look for chunks of wood or insulation missing, pieces of fur or acorns. If you’re hearing noises in your home, the sounds of squirrels are usually more rambunctious than those of mice and rats. Different breeds of squirrels sleep at different times, so you’ll either hear them around sunrise or sunset.

We can rid your home of squirrels in a professional, safe and humane way. Call One Way Pest Control for Squirrel Removal and Trapping and prevent them from coming back!