There have been sewer scenes in numerous movies that include a massive cockroach infestation, and many wonder if that’s an accurate depiction of what goes on underneath our cities. It is! This occurs across the country, but is more likely in the northern states, as this species prefers a humid environment with temperatures between 70-80 degrees. In the southern states, these bugs are usually above ground and around water sources. The American cockroach has been nicknamed the palmetto bug, water bug, and flying water bug.

What does an American cockroach look like?
This mahogany (reddish brown) colored cockroach grows to be nearly 2 inches in length. They also have wings; the males wings being larger and extending past the body. When feeling threatened they will either scatter or fly, and if they do watch out because they are pretty decent fliers!

Where do they live?
This species is very fond of moist places, and can be found in flower beds or under mulch. This is where their diet consists of algae, fungi, leaves and small wood pieces. They enter homes during climate change or food shortage, and upon finding an entrance, they will still find the moistest places and places with food and water such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and laundry rooms. At this point, their diet is any crumbs or scraps of food we leave behind. If there is still food in a pet’s bowl, they will certainly eat that too.

Are they harmful?
If no food is available, they will find something to eat –even if it isn’t “food.” Cockroaches don’t discriminate on unsanitary or harmful items they eat, making them a very dirty insect. They have been found to carry the pathogens that cause tuberculosis, cholera, leprosy, dysentery, and typhoid Disease. They also carry and spread harmful bacteria and protozoa that cause diarrhea and gastroenteritis. More mild health concerns are allergies and triggering an asthmatic reaction, especially in children as they are more sensitive to these insects.

Considering cockroaches are generally seen one at a time, some people might assume that just one cockroach isn’t a problem, but it is! One can mean many and this can lead to allergies, asthma problems and disease. Different species of cockroaches respond to different extermination tactics, and a tactic used for one species will not be effective on another. This means you need proper identification of the cockroach, which can be difficult to those not familiar with these insects and you will most likely go through a few methods before being successful or just giving up. Oneway Pest Control can properly identify and remove cockroaches from your home without a trial and error basis.

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