What do these beetles look like?
Most species are fairly flat, shiny, dark, and have very tough wing covers.

Why is it important to not kill these bugs?
Ground beetles are actually beneficial to the ecological structure because they provide us with a pest control service all their own; eating! Ground beetles should not be killed, considering the benefits the offer and non-harmful existence. It is important to explore other ways to remove them.

Why do they come in and how to keep them out?
Beetles enter homes in hopes of a warm retreat from the cold during winter. They are not of danger to humans or animals. While these insects do not sting, they can use their mandibles to pinch. Also, if attempting to move them, some species can emit a strong odor as a defense mechanism but this poses no danger. There are a few things you can do to prevent entrance or inhabitance:

  • Cover all openings to your home using caulk, screens, or any method specific to kind of opening
  • Remove all logs, stones, leaf piles, etc. from your yard; they hide underneath anything they can find
  • Check under your doormat, as they will hide there and sneak inside when the door opens
  • Beetles are naturally drawn to lighter colors such as white or a bright yellow; painting your home a darker color can deter them
  • A dimmer exterior light bulb won’t attract nearly as many beetles as a brighter porch light
  • If you catch one in your home, sweep it gently into a dustpan and find a place to empty it outside

**Remember, killing these beetles is not necessary** We will come remove them for you, call us today!

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