Unlike other rodents or insects that creep into or around your home, the pill bug will not be leaving behind bodily waste such as urine and feces. The pill bug, also commonly known as a “roly poly,” or blatantly a “doodoo bug,” has no need to urinate and eats its own feces in order to maintain certain levels of copper in the body necessary for survival. These critters pose no dangers to humans or animals; they only want to co-habitate with you, but we can still remove them if you’d like!

What do pill bugs look like?
They grow to about half an inch and are normally a grey, brown or blackish color. A sick pill bug will appear purple or blue.

Where can I find pill bugs?
They live in humid, warm environments such as under rocks and boards, in flower beds, in greenhouses, and are commonly found in crawl spaces under houses or buildings.

Did you know?

  • Pill bugs are not insects! They are actually part of the crustacean family, closer in relation to crayfish and shrimp than any insect.
  • While unable to survive if submerged in water, these creatures actually breathe through gill like structures, and require moist environments to breathe.
  • As a defense mechanism, pill bugs curl up into a ball, leaving their tough exterior to protect them
  • Mother pill bugs carry their eggs in a pouch under their bodies, and keep them there until several days after hatching.
  • Pill bugs can drink from both ends; the front side through the mouth or the rear end through tube-shaped structures called uropods.
  • Life expectancy is up to 2 years!

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