1. Covers up to 20 common bugs found in San Antonio and the Hill Country area
  2. Treat interior of the home including baseboards, plumbing area’s, garage and attic
  3. Treat along points of entry (windows, doors, plumbing penetrations)
  4. Treat your attic (also set monitoring traps)
  5. Treat garage and set monitoring traps
  6. Exterior power spray around foundation and 10′ away (a liquid barrier)
  7. Treat window, door, weep holes, and eaves
  8. 2nd barrier treatment (granules; for crawling insects)
  9. Treat any active fire ant mounds
  10. Perform a service called “IPM” (Integrated Pest Management), a proactive approach in preventing future issues (leaky spickett, tree limbs touching your home, clogged gutters) etc.
  • Spray entire yard with pet friendly chemical
  • Spray entire interior of the home with pet friendly chemical
  • Spray baseboards, plumbing areas, and other area’s fleas can enter
  • For service to be most effective a second visit is required within 5-7 days
  • Spray up to 10′ high on residence/building
  • Spray entire yard
  • Spray eaves of the residence/building
  • This service should be done monthly during peak season to be effective

Residential Pest Control

How Pests Can Affect Your Health

Did you know that some of the most common pests in homes are cockroaches, rodents and ants? It can be unsettling to think of us sharing our homes with these pests because of the serious threats they pose. However, some of us are unaware of the actual dangers and we just accept the spider we see in the pantry every now and then or the mouse that ran across the garage floor back in November.

You do not have to accept this!

Pests and rodents can have severely harmful effects upon your health and your family’s health. It is crucial to fully comprehend the dangers stemming from these types of infestations, and more importantly, to follow up with sending these pests packing! You can find a detailed overview of the health risks associated with each particular pest in the links.

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